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                 Welcome to another "TIP TUESDAY" 

1. Give people a may miss out on the right person

2. Be assertive.....Go for it; do not hesitate to reach out

3. Complement what you like

4. Do not let one single member who is not interested in your approaches, take your morale away....remember that is the beauty of a dating site, you can talk, message and VIDEO chat with so many other members until you find what you are looking for. "DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF"!!!

5. Research shows that dating sites produce more relationships and marriages than regular meets.....

Thank you for being a part of our Montresor family, Good luck!

         Until next Tuesday for another "Tip Tuesday"

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Remember starting last Tuesday; we have started a "TIP TUESDAY BLOG". This blog will have different topics, tips, hints, and advise on how to help you become successful in your search for a special person.

1. Women can initiate, flirt with any male member that catches your eye! this is a dating site; having said that, just strike UP a conversation.  A dating site is different from other love rules; here its a game of mingling, getting to know each other, and finding your match, all conversations are private, you can even live video chat with someone, or arrange to meet online at a certain time to video chat.

2. Instant messaging is also a very nice tool, when both members are online, or arrange to meet online to instant message.


3. You can send a flirt to a member you like, and they can answer you back if interested. hint: (if you dont get an interest back from one member, never loose hope, there is a next member still looking just like you)

4. Have a complete profile. I can never emphasize enough. If your profile is not completely filled out, other members will not be able to see you. " A catchy picture and a catchy introduction of your profile, calls people back to your profile"


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Here is the interview with co-founder of Montresor..Montresor Interview
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Just an fyi...when talking to someone online and you start to get to know each other never ever give money under any circumstance until you have meet that person face to face.  If anyone experiences this, please inform us and we can take appropriate action against that user.  We will not condone any form of scamming or harassment on our online community.  Thanks admin...
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Hi, everyone.  Welcome to your place to find the one you deserve.  We hope you have a positive experience on this site.  If you have an issues please feel free to contact us and we will respond within 24 hrs, most likely sooner but no later.  Also, please feel free to start discussions here.  This is the blog area and it's meant for the members to start discussions or provide helpful information.  Looking forward to providing a safe place for people to meet and we hope to set up get together's and have prize give away's down the road...

Thanks,   Admin...

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