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Remember starting last Tuesday; we have started a "TIP TUESDAY BLOG". This blog will have different topics, tips, hints, and advise on how to help you become successful in your search for a special person.

1. Women can initiate, flirt with any male member that catches your eye! this is a dating site; having said that, just strike UP a conversation.  A dating site is different from other love rules; here its a game of mingling, getting to know each other, and finding your match, all conversations are private, you can even live video chat with someone, or arrange to meet online at a certain time to video chat.

2. Instant messaging is also a very nice tool, when both members are online, or arrange to meet online to instant message.


3. You can send a flirt to a member you like, and they can answer you back if interested. hint: (if you dont get an interest back from one member, never loose hope, there is a next member still looking just like you)

4. Have a complete profile. I can never emphasize enough. If your profile is not completely filled out, other members will not be able to see you. " A catchy picture and a catchy introduction of your profile, calls people back to your profile"



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